Destash sewing challenge


I have a goal of keeping all my supplies for sewing in 1 big cabinet in our living room. We don't live in a house with plenty of space, but a nice 2 room apartment in Stockholm city so space is limited.


But as I started working and got an income, my stash has grown and grown and I can see myself squeeze a newly bought fabric next to the packed fabric pieces already in the stash on a monthly basis. (Thankfully I am still in the cabinet though!)

20210502 200616

It is fine to have a big stash and most sewist probably has a bigger one than me - however I want to have more movement in my stash and not only sew of the newest fabrics. The natural pick for me is never an old fabric. I probably rejected it for too many projects that it became a habit not even considering it.

20210502 200638

I have been playing with the tought of how much I actually have in the cabinet... How many unsewn blouses? How many dresses? What a shame to not be able to use all thouse blouses and dresses - after all I bought the fabrics because I like them.

20210502 195021

So now I want to move my fabrics from the cabinet into my wardrobe. Total ban of new fabric acquistion for me for a long while. As an extra challenge I want to try to use my trims, elastics, buttons, patterns and other fun supplies I have before I buy new stuff. The goal is to see how much I can create from the supplies I already have and also try to use the scrap fabric for new projects - usually I never have energy and lust to create with scraps so this is a challenge.

20210503 080058

And of course I want to document it all here on the blog! Hopefully I can post about each project but at least I want to post monthly what I created the past month and in the end do a final summarization. My boyfriend thinks I can make 100 garments from my stash... That is a lot. I think maybe 50.

20210502 195004