End of beginning


The "Ohmygodess2" or "Underwater world" as we call our new project, we are now in the end of the beginning. I was inspired to make some crossings between squares I realized the counting was wrong! We mark every 10:th stitch. For one of the squares it was 15 instead of 16. After some work to find this I corrected it. Underwater 1

Very well I continued to make crossovers and there was one more fault. One of the 10:th was 11:th. After really precisely recalculation I found the mistake. Puh But the canvas got very messy in this work.. Underwater 3 This is a good example why we want to produce canvas, with premade printed squares.

Now I was almost out of inspiration and energy. I looked at the yarn and it was a mix between the colors we choose to have in the deep underwater and the lighter colors we will use in the surface. The best way to get more inspiration is to assort the colors and concentrate on one area. Here is my colors for deep down under water. It was suddenly clear for me we really need a deep blue-black shade. I checked the stash, and yes there was a ball in this color. Underwater 2