Since a long time we have had a dream of starting a business related to embroidery products and art. The progress is very slow, as our inspiration and energy is varying throughout the years (yes, unfortunately in plural!). The process of making a business out of it seems almost as wild as our embroidery process- we go in one direction until something else is more exciting and then we run in that direction. However, it has outputted list after list with cool ideas and thoughts documented for this business. Our main idea is to have a new embroidery yarn brand and other embroidery products with an eco label.

But there is so much more fun to do - or what do you think about having a yarn truck, a gigant embroidery that all costumers can work on in the shop or buying yarn by the running meter? yarn

When we look back and go through our lists, we realize how much information gathering work we actually have done. The past weeks we have been able to work in a more structured way- we even have weekly meetings were we go through and plan our next step! herrejossesbroderiet

I am currently enrolled in a course by the artist Karin Holmström called "Fearless - att lyckas med din konstbusiness", which has helped a lot in putting our thoughts into action. Discussing with the other course attendees really helps us to better understand what we want and direct our thoughts.

A new area to explore is interior design, to see the potential of placing our colorful joy into the everyday-life of non-crafters as well!