Mother is always right


Is the name of the statue!

I am back in Mexico after all this Covid 19 disaster! The first sunday we celebrated by visit Centro de las Artres in the city center. there was much to see, but I focused on Leonora Carrington. She was a surrealistic artist and it was very inspiring. Leonora Carrington 2

Leonora Carrington 3 Just look at this statue, several meters high. Or this one: Leonora Carrington 1 This is probably most wellknown, at least I recognized it. Leonora Carrington 5 And we are in Mexico and in a few days we celebrate "Dia de muertos" the deads day the Mexicans made this installation:

Dia de muertos

I was looking for inspiration to spice up our "underwaterworld", I found this head shape, maybe possible to use. There was also a drawing in one door. Leonora Carrington 4

Model for use?

Picture to use