Sewing challenge: May


Ok, time for a blog post summarizing my sewing in May. Overall it has been a really productive month, I will probably not be able to sew as much every month. The reason for my inspiration is that I have a sewing challenge - I want to destash! Read all about it here!

I have finished many ufo:s, so their fabrics don't show in the stash photos. The two drawers show my entire fabric stash, and 3 fabrics from each drawer are now used up! In total I made 11 garments, 6 completely new ones and finishing 5 ufo:s.

The blue jersey was made into a night gown, I did not bother to blog about it but it is used often for lazy days at home!

InShot 20210609 225557866

InShot 20210609 225412624

The two cute dresses for Bonnie are described in this blog post.

20210606 175411

20210606 170806

My poppy dress with extreme puff sleeves has a blog post here.

20210606 201309

The Screwdriver wrap top is described in this blog post.

20210606 200041

The Opian swimsuit was a really fun and quick make! Read about it here . 20210509 184851

And now for the ufo:s. The first one is my wrap top from Burda, and is the garment I use most frequently since it was finished. Read all about it here

20210606 152527

The cute Saraste blouse has a blog post here . I extended it into a dress. It is a really silly ufo since I only had to sew in the buttons... But an easy win and I used it a lot!

20210604 192937

The simple tshirt from the scrap pieces of the dress are also covered in the blog post.

20210606 200658

The orange tulle skirt was also an easy ufo, it just needed hemming... Read all about it and see more photos here.

20210606 202106

Finally, my last make was finishing this really nice top that I have been using a lot!

20210606 200424

Seeing all my finished garments like this makes me realise 4 things:

  • I am much more productive than I thought
  • I really use the garments I make which is great. After 20 years of sewing I finally feel like a confident enough sewist to solve and save most issues that can occur during sewing
  • this challenge makes me more creative - I use what I have at home. Patching pieces together to get more out of my fabrics really helps my destashing. Maybe next month I dare to mix fabrics with different prints...?
  • Apperantly I like sewing red garments!