Stockings in my mind


In november 2020 I had the pleasure to visit Estonias nationalmuseum in Tartu. There was a lot of fantastic artisan clothes. Tartu knitted sweather

Tartu white

Tartu wowen ribbons

Tartu striped apron

Tartu striped in blue and green One of the items I liked most is this pleated knitted skirt. Tartu knitted skirt All handmade wowen and colored, really impressed me. These garments must have taken several months to make.

Full of inspiration I went to another part of the museum and was totally knocked of a lot of orange thin long stockings. Just look at this!

Tartu stockings 1

Tartu stockings 2

Knitted in very thin yarn with knitting needle 1,25 mm

Here is the background and unwritten rules Tartu Muhu stockings

There is also a facebookgroup connected to this.

Tartu Kudujate Koopiaklubi

This really got to me, the process is reminding of our embroideries-endurance sport. Interesting facebookgroup only for dedicated participants. I was curious and checked it up, they are a secret group and have about 250 members. In the museum shop it was possible to buy the very thin needles and also the thin woolyarn. I did not buy, I do not want orange stockings, I think my hands will hurt if I knit theses stockings, and the museum shop did not have by far the variety I want when it comes to colors.

Still I can not stop thinking of these stockings. Maybe I need to get back and buy myself a kit..!