Summary first half year 2021


First half year of 2021 has been filled of activities in Creative Clowns. Sofia has attended an education about how to make a living or at least business of your art-very inspiring and we got a lot of new ideas.

We have been in contact with a businessman in embroidery and got a lot of good advices, now we know we must go to Cologne in march 2022. A messe with everybody and everything when it comes to material for crochet, knitting and of course EMBROIDERY!

I had a meeting with the CEO of a weaving mill to explain exactly what chracteristics we want in our environment friendly produced canvas. The canvas will not only be environmently friendly, it will also be much easier to use compared to canvas in market today. Looking forward to their first trials. This is made together with our colleagues in



There is always a lot of details, here we discuss if the lines shall be in the holes or in the threads.

We also applied for starting a company, get the bank account (the hardest part...find somewhere to put our money) and apply for AB Creative Clowns. As I write it is not approved yet, but I have no doubt we will soon have a company.

Today we had a discussion together with almost 15 of Sofias artclassmates about having an exhibition together in Stockholm, this autumn or next spring!

We have listed a few more contacts to approach and as usual we have 100 ideas, so fun and inspiring!