Yarn from Sweden


In our ambition to find the perfect embroideryarn, we start to look in Sweden. We want strong yarn with high lustre. I was told to search for "Ryafår" an old swedish kind of sheep with long shiny fur. I asked google and found a farm just a few kilometers from my house. I went there and talked to a fantastic woman. She had yarn from ryafår, but for knitting. We discussed how she and her farm can be a part of the solution for us, very nice and exciting! I bought some skeins from her and made some trials to sew with it. It works good, but it is not fantastic. This yarn was colored with natural colors, in that process you boil the yarn-takes away some of the gloss. So maybe it is better to color the yarn with something else. We continue to evaluate and think! In theese two pictures is the ryasheep yarn used. Ryafår test 2 Ryafår test