• Kreativitet och regler

    Läste en artikel om artisten Markus Krunegård i SJs tidning Kupé på väg hem från konferens på Linköping universitet. I intervjun säger han  "det är så lätt att man, precis som med musik eller vad man nu håller på med, kategoriserar och bygger…
  • Progress of underwater world

    Our current big embroidery project will measure 1.2x2 meters. How crazy is that?? It is the biggest one so far. We started it last August 2020, and expect it to be done sometime during 2022. It goes under the very descriptive working name…

Our Vision

With inspiration from all parts of daily life, CreativeClowns is much more than just the embroideries we see here today. It is a vision of making embroideries easy, accessible and exciting without pointers or limiting rules.

The embroideries are created dynamically and the pattern gradually grows over the weave as they are created. The artists share the embroideries and both work on all pieces simultaneously, without knowing the end result beforehand. The embroideries is a reflection of the daily life, where ugly, crazy and beautiful are mixed into the big picture that tells us something about the world we live in today. The artists tackles new shapes and colors with curiosity, and are working with both small, big, flat and 3D shapes. The biggest embroidery so far is over 500 000 stitches big and measures around 1.2x1.2 meter.

The future for CreativeClowns is exciting. The artists are planning a revolution within handcraft as embroideries, making it more accessible, interesting and fun. Discussions evolves around creating the best embroidery yarn in the world, improving embroidery weaves and arranging workshops to invite people into the wonderful world of color, inspiration, shapes, spontaneity, patterns, glitter and embroideries!

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