Tyyni Cigarette Trousers


A year ago I sat in the summer cottage surfing online. I fell in love with some indie patterns from Named so I bought a bunch of PDF patterns and then I forgot about them. I did not have a lot of inspiration for sewing and when I got it, I definitely did not want to tape A4 pages together for hours before even getting to the fun.

Past few weeks I have actually made not only one, but two makes from these PDFs. The newest make is the Tyyni cigarette trousers from Named. yanni-pants-walkstair

As usual when I make something that includes both my waist and hip measurements, I had to adjust a bit. I am 2 sizes larger on my hips (112cm) than my waist (80cm) in the Named size chart. I really wanted the fit to be nice and am sort of new to modifications so I actually cut them out in the larger size and baste it together to see how they would look. They were too big overall, so I decided to cut the waist related part in size 42 and the rest of the pants in size 44, sliding the two measurements together somewere above the hip. yanni-pants-walkstair2

My fabric was a greenish twill from Ohlssons tyger with some stretch. It costed 159 kr/m (about 16 euros) and I bought 1.6 m because I wanted a longer leg than the pattern. It is so dangerous for me to count the price for the garments I make, since these pants costs roughly 25 euro (+zipper+interfacing) excluding my time. Usually my store bought pants costs a lot more (if I don't get pants from a chain with very bad fit to my body because of my waist/hip measurements). As I was standing in the shop choosing the pant fabric 4 other fabrics jumped in my basket and demanded to be bought - and who am I to refuse the will of amazing linen and cotton on sale? I quickly counted that I will buy 2 pairs of trousers for 25 euro each, a full leg linen jumpsuit for 20 euro, 2 blouses for 8 euro each. And that is how you fill a fabric stash.yanni-pants-smile

Anyway, back to the pants. I think the pattern instruction was easy to follow along, I had some issues understanding the step 12 but there were a lot of pictures and after reading it many times I got it right. I chose the sew the creases as the pattern suggested, creating pintucks in the front and back legs. yanni-pants-walk yanni-pants-sit

I also found pocket fabric from my close-by fabric shop Tygverket that had a very similar color but no stretch. The zipper and button also match colors really well and I really enjoy looking at the inside of the garment. I have a huge button stash and it is always exciting to go through the buttons and find a perfect match. My overlock knives are in need of grinding so I used the old-school zigzag to finish my raw ends this time. yanni-pant-inside

Have you tried any patterns from Named? Let me know in the comment section here or on instagram.