Yarn and Canvas on the way


Yarn and canvas on the way!!

we have some successfull trials with our new canvas. The experts at Atelje Westragothia really understand us and do their best to make canvas according to our specifications. This is trial nr two and we will try to put some starch to it (made of potato) to make it even better. Canvas to try It look promising for sure, the most sustainable canvas in the market!

Besides we have continued our cooperation with professional and talented Yarn artist Honse design for our yarn! She colored our yarn even to strong, Moa's motto is "more punk in the world". Honse design made four colors for us in two different qualities, pink, orange and green that is too much punk for us modest women. She also colored the two different yarn types in turquoise, to die for! The turquoise is perfect, perfect , perfect in the color and the strenght of the color and it is so nice to use in embroideries. First samples

Sample turquise

Fantastic to use for embroidery As you can see there is a part of the yarn that is not even in the color, this we need to discuss with Moa from Honse design, she will most certainly solve it.